Inventor Nesting

What is Inventor Nesting?

Inventor® Nesting software helps you optimize yield from flat raw material. Easily compare nesting studies to optimize efficiency and reduce costs and export 3D models or DXF™ files of the completed nest for cutting path generation.

Inventor Nesting is integrated software that helps you optimize yield from flat raw material.

  • Generate multiple sheet nests in a single study, allowing for multiple material and packaging options

  • Compare the efficiency and costs associated with different nesting studies to maximize job profitability

  • Specify allowable orientations to ensure consistent grain direction on all parts when required for aesthetics or to prevent cracking in subsequent bending operations

Caracteristics and functions of Inventor Nesting

Why use Inventor Nesting?

Minimize scrap costs

Include nesting tools to automatically calculate nests that save on material costs and engineering time.

Get to fabrication faster

Produce your nests seamlessly without leaving the familiar Inventor interface.

Improve collaboration

Communicate a summary of your nesting study results with a detailed report for quick decision making.

Automated true-shape nesting

Generate multiple sheet nests to reduce raw material waste. Optimize the use of materials in flat cutting operations.

Smooth workflows for creating cutting paths

Create 3D models of a nest and generate cutting paths with Inventor CAM, or export DXF files. Use DXF files in AutoCAD and other toolpath-making software.