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BIM is a cornerstone of the digital transformation of the construction sector. As a benchmark player in this field for Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, TASE’s mission is to help companies implement this transformation.

In a complex and competitive environment, characteristic of our times, TASE’s main concern is to ensure quality services by building lasting relationships with its customers.

For more than 10 years, TASE has specialized in BIM (Building Information Management). Our teams support many professionals in the implementation of new management processes for all information concerning various buildings, from their design to their rehabilitation or demolition. To support companies effectively throughout the process of learning and perfecting the BIM methodology, we maintain a permanent technological watch, keeping us informed on the most recent techniques and their commercial availability.

Targeted and personalized support for all your BIM-related procedures

At TASE, we believe that customers are our best allies, that efficiency makes the world a better place, that together we go further, and that transparency is the best way to understand each other.

It is in this spirit that TASE supports its clients in the development of BIM protocols at every stage of all types of projects.

The roles, tasks and responsibilities of professionals associated with BIM vary from organization to organization or even from one project phase to another. With the help of our advisers, you will be able to formalize each person’s tasks clearly, detailing how to carry them out: deadlines, tools, level of detail, etc.

By improving communication and information tracking, the number of site-related problems is reduced and customer satisfaction increases.

A specialized consultancy to progress step by step towards BIM

To optimize the implementation of BIM within your structure, whether it is the project owner, a design office or a company, TASE BIM specialists share their experience and guide you step by step.

Overall, the digitization of any process, such as the switch to BIM in the case of construction, cannot be improvised. This is why we group these structural changes in the business under the concept of “Road to BIM”.

The know-how of our specialists allows us to be effective in supporting our clients throughout the process of learning and perfecting the BIM methodology.

On the “Road to BIM”, you will be able to progress step by step in a safe way, in order to become autonomous in the process of BIM construction.

BIM training, both for beginners and experienced professionals

BIM requires continuous practice and regular updates to keep it functioning optimally. Therefore, it is useful to take advantage of quieter periods to maintain tools, develop new ones and continue learning.

Tase Academy

Whether it is to progress, to improve your skills or to stay up to date, “TASE Academy” offers a whole range of training courses, face-to-face or online, general or targeted, detailed on our site.

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