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Quality & Service with a human face

TASE is made up of a team of 25 passionate professionals from the construction sector. They share and bring their experience to evolve around a single objective: customer satisfaction.

Since its creation, our company has created a brand image for itself and has developed a relationship of trust with its customers, partners and employees.

We owe this image and confidence to our corporate philosophy, which in a way tells our story.

This is why we work with in constant memory:

  • the quality of the service and the solutions we offer
  • understanding the needs and satisfaction of our customers
  • the competence, added value and welcome of our team
  • continuous training and constant monitoring of the advances in our sector
  • the openness and transparency of our organization

All these elements are described in our MISSION VISION VALEURS trilogy, the three pillars of our company.

Professionals committed to what they do

While at TASE, a candidate’s motivation is not the only criterion for engagement, it is the most important.

Today, the TASE team is made up of 25 passionate professionals, most of whom come from the construction industry.

Through the cumulative experience of our experts, we can understand and be in tune with the daily work of our clients. Thus, we ensure them a transfer of knowledge adapted to their needs.

Alone, we can do nothing, together everything becomes possible!

It is essential that in our team, everyone flourishes in a pleasant working atmosphere, with perfect integration both with management and with colleagues.

It is also essential that everyone has the opportunity to progress through training, in order to highlight the skills acquired over the course of the assignments.

The talent of our experts is thus put at the service of our customers and can be fully expressed.

Finally, each employee has their role and responsibility in achieving the goals of the company.

Kindness, listening, respect, autonomy, freedom, recognition are all factors likely to develop a feeling of belonging to TASE.