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Our partnership with ACTIRIS

The TASE ACADEMY offers a large number of training courses in partnership with ACTIRIS.

To benefit from our training courses through Actiris, all you need to do is be looking for a job in Brussels and be registered as such with this organization. You will then be entitled to ICT checks to train you.

How to benefit from ACTIRIS support for our BIM training?

Are you interested in our training courses and would you like to register?

All you need to do is contact your advisor or the nearest ACTIRIS branch. They will then be able to register directly for the training of your choice.

Following which you will receive an email from us to confirm your registration. You will also find all the practical details concerning the progress of your training.

About ACTIRIS training vouchers

Have you just found a new job?

During the first 6 months of your new professional life, you can start training related to your job. You also have the possibility to apply if you are starting as a self-employed person.

In all cases, your training will be half paid by ACTIRIS, up to a maximum of 2,250 euros. The rest of the amount is then paid by the employer or the self-employed person working as a principal.


BIM requires continuous practice and regular updates to keep it functioning optimally. It is therefore beneficial to take advantage of quieter periods to maintain tools, develop new ones, and continue learning.

BIM training, both for beginners and experienced professionals

Whether it is to progress, to improve your skills or to stay up to date, “TASE Academy” offers a whole range of training courses, face-to-face or online, general or targeted, detailed on our site.