ZBOX displays and steles are ideal for displaying products and objects in three dimensions for several people at the same time. The content seems to float in the display, sculptural and palpable.

With a primarily promotional purpose, it can stand proudly in your shop entrance or even at an event requiring visibility.

Caracteristics and functions of ZBOX

The ZBOX is a 3D content display that can be viewed by 9 people at the same time. Available in different screen sizes from 28" to 85". Also available in 3 formats, Horizontal, Vertical and Stele.

Our plug & play 3D systems come with a pre-installed and fully configured playback PC with CMS client and our integrated 3D player (io player) for smooth 4K playback, a 3G / 4G VPN router for wireless and secure content transmission and an IP power strip for remote power control

We offer unique and customised system designs, customisable or with the colour of your choice.

Our 3D system service includes monitoring of system status via CMS, including content transmissions, display status, 3D player status and online status. In rare cases of abnormal behaviour, we perform remote maintenance services to get systems back on track. Updates to the CMS client and 3D player are included.

We also train your IT staff for on-site services such as replacing system components.

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