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Article 1: Applications and exemptions

These general conditions apply to all agreements concluded between TASE Research sa/nv (hereinafter, “TASE”) and its clients (hereinafter, the “Client”), as well as, in general, to all of their business relationships. Where applicable, they are supplemented by special conditions.
Our general and specific conditions can only be modified by express written agreement between the parties. Even in this case, these conditions of sale remain applicable for all points from which it has not expressly deviated. They are deemed to be accepted by the Customer simply by placing the order, even in the event that they are in contradiction with its own general or specific conditions. The latter are only binding on us if they have been expressly accepted in writing. Our agreement cannot in any case be presumed from the circumstance that we would have accepted the contract without protesting against the stipulations which refer to the general or special conditions or other similar provisions of the Client.

Article 2: Choice of products & services

Prior to signing the agreement, the Customer will provide all necessary advice and ensure that the hardware, software and/or services it plans to order correspond to its needs and the intended use. he discounts it. We assume no responsibility for an error of choice or assessment by the Customer.

Article 2.A: Support Tickets

Tacit renewal agreement:

Due to acceptance of the general conditions of sale, the customer purchasing or having acquired Support Tickets authorizes TASE RESEARCH sa/nv to renew tacitly and without notice the last quantity of Support Tickets ordered. Renewal is applicable as soon as the balance of Support Tickets is exhausted.

Condition for granting waiver of tacit renewal:

The customer retains the right to waive the tacit renewal without notice. To do this, the customer communicates the waiver, before the Support Tickets are exhausted, in writing to TASE RESEARCH sa/nv at the following email address: support@tase.be or by regular post.

Consumption of Support Tickets:

The response time for a Support Ticket is 10 minutes.

A Support Ticket is considered consumed from the moment the customer is informed by email that their request has been handled by our support service.

Any intervention exceeding the intervention time of 10 minutes results in the consumption of additional Support Tickets until the intervention request is closed by our support service.

As a result, the customer’s Support Tickets account is deducted from the quantity of Support Tickets relating to the duration of the intervention.

At the end of the intervention, the customer is informed by email of the remaining balance of Support Tickets.

Article 3: Validity of offers and orders

Any order from the Customer binds the latter. The Client’s employees, sales representatives, agents or intermediaries are irrefutably presumed to have the mandate required to commit the Client to us. Any order for which the invoice is sent to a third party at the request of the ordering party, makes the ordering party and the third party jointly responsible for the execution of all the obligations provided for by the general and specific conditions. Except contrary stipulation, our offers are only valid for 30 days from the date of issue of the document. Any order placed by a customer binds him, but only binds TASE after written confirmation of acceptance thereof. Any claim due to possible or alleged inaccuracies in our order confirmation must, under penalty of foreclosure, reach TASE within a week of confirmation. All our prices are net excluding VAT from our operating locations, fees and taxes extra.

Article 4: Cancellation

In the event of cancellation of an order by the Customer, the Customer must pay TASE as fixed and irreducible cancellation compensation an amount equal to 30% of the full price of the products or services ordered.

Article 5: Transport, Risks and removal

Regardless of the location or method of delivery, the products travel at the Customer’s risk, from their place of collection to their place of destination, unless the shipment is made by our own means or unless otherwise stipulated. written on our part.
TASE is not responsible for third parties, fortuitous events or force majeure. During transport, the equipment is only insured by TASE, on behalf of the customer, on the customer’s special written instructions and at his expense.

Article 6: Miscellaneous related to delivery

We are only required to deliver the products and provide the services explicitly specified when confirming the order or signing the contract. All other products and services will be charged to the Customer at the current rates, available on request.
The provision of services only creates obligations of means on our part, to the express exclusion of any obligation of result. The duration of service contracts is set in the special conditions. In the absence of written notice within the time limits provided for in the special conditions, the contracts are tacitly renewed.

TASE reserves the right to postpone training if the minimum required number of registrants is not reached.

Article 7: Delivery times

Unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing, deadlines are given for information purposes only and are not mandatory. A delay in delivery or service cannot under any circumstances give rise to the cancellation of an order or to any compensation, except through willful misconduct on our part and unless otherwise agreed in writing. We expressly reserve the right to make partial deliveries constituting partial sales. Under no circumstances can such partial delivery justify the refusal of payment for the products delivered. When circumstances make it impossible to carry out the delivery or service – in particular in all cases of force majeure such as strike, lock-out, accident , bad weather, blockade, prohibition of import or export, cessation of production or delivery by the manufacturer, etc. -, we expressly reserve the right to deliver products equivalent to those specified in the order or to defer delivery or to terminate our commitments to the Customer, all without the customer being able to assert a right to any compensation.

Article 8: Receipt of delivery

In the event that the products delivered are damaged or incomplete, in the event of an error or any other lack of conformity, the Customer is required to refuse the products or to accept them only subject to written reservation. Any complaint relating to the products delivered must reach us in writing within five working days following their receipt, referring to the number of the dispatch note. At the end of this period, the product will be deemed definitively approved by the Customer. and no complaints will be taken into consideration. No returns of products will be accepted without our prior written agreement. Only products in good condition and in their original packaging can be returned.
Any complaint relating to the services provided must reach us in writing within five working days following the date of the service. At the end of this period, the service will be deemed definitively approved by the Customer and no complaints will be taken into consideration.

Article 9: Payment and retention of title

The deposits paid by the Customer are valid on the price of the order. They constitute a beginning of execution of the contract and not a deposit, the abandonment of which would authorize the Client to release itself from its obligations. All our prices are established in Euro. Any invoice with a value less than 4000,- Euro may be charged an amount of 20,- Euro for processing costs. All invoices are payable in cash, net and without discount, at our head office. Without prejudice to article 10, the products delivered remain our property until full payment of the principal amount and all its accessories. As long as the aforementioned payment has not been made in full, the Customer expressly refrains from disposing of the delivered products, and in particular from transferring ownership of them, pledging them or assigning them to any security or privilege whatsoever. . As far as necessary, the preceding clause is deemed to be reiterated prior to each delivery. The Customer also undertakes to notify us without delay by registered mail of any seizure made by a third party. Any complaint relating to an invoice, other than those provided for in article 7, must be sent to us by registered mail within five working days following its receipt, which is presumed to have been carried out within three working days following the date shown on the invoice. At the end of this period, no complaints will be admissible. A complaint cannot under any circumstances justify a suspension of payment. In the absence of payment of all or part of an invoice, the remaining amount due will be increased automatically and without formal notice by an interest of 15% per year, each month started being due. In addition, any unpaid invoice on its due date will be increased automatically and without formal notice by a fixed and irreducible compensation of 15% of the amount of the invoice or its balance with a minimum of EUR 60.00 as a clause. criminal. Finally, the failure to pay an invoice on its due date, the protest of an unaccepted bill, any request for amicable or judicial arrangement, suspension of payment, or any other fact which may imply the insolvency of the Customer, results in full right and without formal notice the forfeiture of the term for all open invoices. In addition, these situations give us the right to suspend all of our obligations without prior formality and to terminate all or part of the current contracts without any formality other than notification by registered mail and without compensation.

Article 10: Guarantee

The warranty relating to the products sold is limited to that granted by the manufacturer, well known to the Customer or about which the Customer is deemed to have fully informed himself before concluding the contract, and, where applicable, to the warranty extension program. guarantee concluded by special agreement. In particular, it does not cover the consequences of the following cases: insufficiency or failure of the hardware, software, telecom, electrical environment, etc. ; consumables and normal wear of parts; addition or connection of hardware or software not included in the contract; modification of the delivered products made without our prior written consent; all cases of force majeure and act of the prince, etc. The guarantee is limited in all cases to the repair or outright exchange of defective products – the choice between repair and exchange being at our sole discretion -, the express exclusion of any compensation of any kind towards the Client or third parties, except in the event of willful misconduct on our part. Telecom costs are the responsibility of the Customer. We under no circumstances guarantee the ability of hardware or software to respond to a particular problem or specific to the Customer’s activity. Furthermore, any defect not known to us which could affect the software is not covered by the warranty. The granting of the guarantee assumes that the products delivered are used in good manner, according to the conditions of the offer or under the normal conditions of use mentioned in the catalogs, notices and manuals made available to the Customer. Customer undertakes to maintain the software delivered at the best revision level, the cost of acquiring new versions being his responsibility.

Article 11: Software and user licenses.

The software delivered remains the exclusive property of the manufacturer. We only grant the Customer non-exclusive use licenses authorizing the use of a program on a single machine at a time or on several machines if authorized by the publisher.
The Customer is required to scrupulously respect the confidentiality of the software delivered. It may not, in any form whatsoever, dispose of its licenses, put them into use, alienate them, communicate them or lend them for a fee or free of charge. It is prohibited to counterfeit the software delivered, to allow counterfeiting or to encourage it in any way whatsoever.

Article 11.A: Autodesk

The contract will enter into force on the date of issue of the Invoice for a period specified therein. It will then be renewed by tacit agreement for a period fixed at one (1) year unless denounced by one of the parties addressed to the other by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt sixty (60) calendar days before the expiry date of the contract. the current contractual period and without either party being able to claim any compensation whatsoever and for any reason whatsoever as a result of such denunciation.

Article 11.B: Adobe

The contract will take effect on the date of issue of the Invoice. Its duration is set at one (1) year from its entry into force. This contract will be tacitly renewed and will be renewed under identical conditions, unless the parties agree on a new functional scope for the Application Services in order to cover the Customer’s needs. It may be terminated by either party by registered letter and/or email, with acknowledgment of receipt thirty (30) calendar days before the expiration date of the current contractual period and without either party being able to claim any compensation whatsoever and for any reason whatsoever as a result of such denunciation.

Article 11.C: Trimble

Any Trimble subscription implies tacit acceptance of its renewal on its expiry date. The contract may be terminated by either party by registered letter and/or e-mail, with acknowledgment of receipt thirty (30) calendar days before the expiry date of the current contractual period and without notice. neither party can claim any compensation whatsoever and for any reason whatsoever as a result of such denunciation.

By accepting these General Conditions of Sale, the customer will strictly comply with the conditions of use of the licenses and/or products as included in the conditions of use prescribed by each publisher.

Publisher Terms of Use:

Autodesk https://www.autodesk.com/company/terms-of-use/en/general-terms

Trimble https://www.trimble.com/en/legal/terms-and-conditions/terms-of-use

Chaos Group https://www.chaos.com/terms

Article 12: Responsibility of the Publisher

The Publisher cannot be held responsible (whether on a contractual, quasi-tort or other basis):

For any inability to use third party equipment or services or software or access data, loss or corruption of data, loss of business, profits, revenue or anticipated savings, work interruption (whether damage whether direct or indirect);

For any indirect, incidental or consequential damage or losses, whatever they may be, arising from the use or inability to use the Software, including in cases where the Publisher has been advised of the possibility of such damage or loss. The Publisher cannot be held responsible for the installation of the Software.

Article 13: Limited warranty

The Publisher cannot guarantee error-free operation of the Software. The Client and Users are advised that calculation errors may occur in the use of the Software, due to p. ex. local conditions and/or incomplete or disregarded data, or use of third party services or products. Any defect not known to the Company which could affect third party software is not covered by the warranty. The Customer undertakes to maintain the Software delivered at the best revision level, the cost of acquiring new versions being his responsibility unless otherwise agreed.

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law and with the exception of defects which make the use of the Software impossible, the Publisher offers the Software AS IS WITH ALL ITS FAULTS and hereby disclaims any other warranty or condition. express, implied or statutory, including and without limitation, implied warranties (if any), obligations or conditions of satisfactory quality, use for a particular purpose, reliability or availability, accuracy or completeness of the responses, results, professional efforts, freedom from viruses and non-negligence for the Software, and the provision or failure to provide support or other related services, information, software and content by the Software, or resulting from the use of the Software. The Software is not covered by any guarantee or condition of peaceful enjoyment, peaceful possession, or exclusivity with regard to a Client.

Article 14 : Damage caused to people and property

Under no circumstances can our contractual or extra-contractual liability be incurred due to damage caused to people or property other than the products delivered or the products which are the subject of our provision of services. We are not required to pay any compensation to the Customer or third parties for indirect damage, unless they result from willful misconduct on our part. In particular, any loss or deterioration of data, loss of profit, loss of customers, etc. are considered as indirect damage. It is therefore the Customer’s responsibility to make regular – and, in any case, before any technical intervention – backup copies of its operating systems, applications and data.
In any event, if our liability were established for culpable non-performance of the contract, the total amount of compensation to which we could be held will not exceed the price excluding VAT of the product delivered damaged or of the equipment directly damaged by our service. services.No action by the Client, for whatever reason, may be brought against us more than one year after the occurrence of the event on which it is based.
The customer guarantees TASE against all rights and claims of third parties, from any violation of patents, licenses or other rights in the event that this violation arises from the indications given by the customer and/or information concerning the execution of the assignment, or of the use reserved for the equipment by the customer.

Article 15 : Our collaborators

For the entire duration of any service provision contract and for a period of six months following its end, the Client refrains from any attempt to hire or directly or indirectly hire one of our employees. TASE reserves the right to claim, where applicable, compensation for its losses.

Article 16 : Price

All prices mentioned are in EURO, always excluding VAT. If delivery, reservation or administration costs are charged, they will be indicated separately. For each order < €4000, an administration fee of 20.00 EURO will be charged. The price offer relates exclusively to the articles as described word for word. Accompanying photos are intended to be decorative and may contain items that are not included in the price.

Article 17 : General provisions (e-commerce)

The e-commerce site of TASE, an SA whose head office is located Avenue Colonel Picquart, 51 – 53, 1030 Schaerbeek VAT BE 0428252822 / RCB: 476656 offers its customers the possibility of purchasing products in its online store.
These General Conditions of Sale (“General Conditions”) apply to any order placed by a visitor to this e-commerce site (“Customer”). By placing an order through the TASE online store, the customer must expressly accept these general conditions of sale, thereby accepting the applicability of these general conditions of sale, to the exclusion of all other general conditions of sale. Other general conditions of the customer are excluded, unless they have been expressly accepted by TASE in advance and in writing.

Article 18 : Use of cookies

During a visit to the site, “cookies” may be placed on the hard drive of your computer. A cookie is a text file that a website’s server places in your computer’s browser or mobile device when you visit a website. Cookies cannot be used to identify individuals, a cookie can only identify a machine.
You can configure your Internet browser so that cookies are not accepted, that you receive a warning when a cookie is installed, or that cookies are subsequently deleted from your hard drive. You can do this through your browser settings (via the help function). Please note that some graphics may not appear correctly or you will not be able to use certain applications. By using our website, you agree to our use of cookies.

Article 19 : Online purchases

The customer can choose from different products and services via the online store. The customer can choose the number of products and services to order, as well as any variants per product. The choice will be sent to the shopping cart. After all the desired products and services are in the shopping cart , the customer can pay for that shopping cart.
The customer can choose between the following payment methods: • by credit card (possible application of administrative fees)

• by Bancontact bank card (possible application of administrative fees)
• by bank transfer to the IBAN account number: BE39 3100 7044 4419, SWIFT: BBRUBEBBTASE will always have the right to refuse an order. All transactions carried out with credit cards and debit are debited at the time of purchase.

Article 20 : Right of withdrawal

The provisions of this article only apply to customers who purchase items online from TASE, in their capacity as consumers. The Customer has the right to terminate the contract without giving any reason within 14 calendar days. withdrawal period expires 14 calendar days from the date of conclusion of the contract. To exercise the right of withdrawal, the Customer must inform TASE, Avenue Colonel Picquart, 51 – 531030 Schaerbeek – Belgium, tel. +32 (2) 242 72 20, info@tase.be by means of an unequivocal declaration (e.g. by post or e-mail) of his decision to withdraw from the contract.
In order to respect the withdrawal period, the Client must send his notification concerning the exercise of the right of withdrawal before the expiration of the withdrawal period. If the Client has requested that the execution of the services begin during the withdrawal period, the Client must pay an amount proportional to what has already been delivered at the time he informs us that he is terminating the contract, in relation to the complete execution of the contract. If the Client revokes the contract, TASE, will refund all payments received from the Customer up to that point, including standard delivery costs, to the Customer within a maximum period of 14 calendar days after TASE, has been informed of the Customer’s decision to revoke the contract. In the case of sales contracts, TASE may wait until it has received all the goods, or until the Customer has demonstrated that it has returned the goods, whichever comes first.
Additional costs resulting from the Customer’s choice of a delivery method other than the least expensive standard delivery offered by TASE will not be refunded.
TASE, will reimburse the Customer using the same means of payment with which the Customer made the original transaction, unless the Customer has expressly agreed otherwise; in any case, the Customer will not be charged any fees for such reimbursement. The Customer cannot exercise the right of withdrawal before: contracts for the provision of services after the complete execution of the service the supply of digital content which does not have not been provided on a material medium, if the execution has started with the express prior consent of the Client and provided that the Client has acknowledged that he thereby loses his right of withdrawal (for example, downloading software).

Article 21 : Jurisdiction of the courts

The nullity of any clause or part of a clause of these conditions will not affect the other clauses or part of clauses and the clause or part of clause concerned will be replaced as far as possible by a valid provision of equivalent effect. This contract is exclusively governed by Belgian law. Any dispute relating to its interpretation, execution and termination falls under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Brussels and the justice of the peace at the headquarters of TASE or those of the district of Brussels.

Article 22 : Demonstration equipment.

The maximum period for demonstration of the equipment is in all cases 1 week from the date of delivery of the said equipment unless otherwise stipulated in writing on our part. The signatory or the person for whom the signatory acted on the delivery note for demonstration” hereinafter referred to as the borrower, declares by this document that the equipment is complete and in good condition and that he undertakes to return it within the state of availability at the deadline appearing on the delivery note for demonstration”. If the deadline is exceeded, the equipment described on the front of the delivery note for demonstration will be considered purchased and the invoice must be paid immediately.
In the event of damage to or shortage of the equipment described, the borrower agrees to immediately notify TASE and pay for repairs or costs for missing parts.
During the period during which the equipment is demonstrated, it remains the exclusive property of TASE. In relation to this obligation, the borrower will be required to send to the owner of the building where the equipment is placed, a registered letter warning that the material remains the entire property of TASE. During this period of provision of the equipment, it remains the entire responsibility of the borrower. In the event of non-compliance with its obligations, the borrower may at any time be sent an invoice for said equipment and the invoice must be paid immediately.

The General Repair Conditions are specific conditions of our General Conditions of Sale. When repairing a device outside of warranty, or ordering parts, a deposit may be requested. The deposit as well as all our repairs are payable in cash. The deposit will not be refunded under any circumstances. Quotes are established upon special request from the customer and in all cases where the technician deems it necessary. In the event of refusal of the quote by the customer, a quote preparation fee will be charged at the rate of 40.- EUR per hour, with a minimum of 40.- EUR. Our quotes are always established subject to the replacement of possible spare parts found defective at the time of carrying out the repair, in which case an additional estimate will be submitted to the customer for approval, it being specified that all services and repairs already carried out in accordance with the initial estimate will remain due.To benefit from the conditions warranty, the devices must be accompanied by the official warranty certificate, duly completed, as well as the purchase invoice or receipt.Transport: We recommend the use of the original packaging, the provision of Adequate packaging is charged. Any device not claimed within 30 days of sending the repair notice will be subject to storage costs of 4.- EUR per day from the date of said sending.
Spare parts, which were replaced during the repair, will only be returned to the customer if the latter has submitted a formal request when handing over their device. In all cases, we decline all responsibility for the information, programs and digital magnetic data, computer data of all kinds generally contained in the devices entrusted to our workshops. No repairs can be returned without presentation of acknowledgment of receipt. In the event of loss, we decline all liability.

Rem: TASE Solutions is the commercial name of TASE Research sa/nv

Version: 01/01/2024