Zview displays, from the latest in boundary-breaking stereoscopic display technology with unlimited 3D space instantly brings a smile to every person using it for the first time!

Advanced eye tracking, 3D stereo compatibility, accessibility and elimination of set-up times make the ZVIEW system a true game changer in the display of existing 3D data.

Caracteristics and functions of ZVIEW

Display 3D content without glasses. It can display the content of more than 240 different software programs that deal with 3D content. It is possible to see the 3D rendering of the screen without glasses, within a 120-degree viewing angle around the screen and from a distance of 60cm to 200cm. Every profession working with 3D content will find a solution with a live rendering of their desktop screen on the ZVIEW screen.
  • Autostereoscopic 3D eye tracking device
  • 2 views, 1 dynamic viewing area.
  • Viewing distance between 60cm and 200cm
  • Quad Full High Definition broadcasting
  • Use of two 4K panels in 3840x2160 pixel resolution.
  • The 3D resolution is the native resolution of our eye.
  • 3D Stereo compatible
  • Plug'n'play installation of the ZVIEW system
  • Available in 27" and 65".

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