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Our mission

The know-how of our specialists allows us to be effective in supporting our clients throughout the process of learning and perfecting the BIM methodology.

BIM is a centerpiece of the digital transformation of the construction sector. As a benchmark player in this field for Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, TASE’s mission is to help companies implement this transformation based on 4 pillars that make up its DNA:

  • TASE Services: they are based on its expertise of over 30 years in the construction sector.
  • TASE ACADEMY: a range of face-to-face, online or hybrid training.
  • CAD tools: Autodesk® products and BIM software.
  • TASE AS3D: Autostereoscopic 3D, 3D technology without glasses.

As an approved partner of major brands such as Autodesk, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft & Proximus, our certifications constitute the best indicator of quality of service.

Our vision

TASE stands for Technological, Applications, Services & Engineering.

Our vision is therefore to “Build a better world together” by drawing inspiration from the possibilities offered by the use of technologies, services and engineering applications.

Our values

In brief:

  • Customer Centric
  • Quality First
  • Concentrated, Fast, Simple> Efficient
  • Enthusiastic and Strong Teamwork
  • Transparency

We are convinced that customers are our best allies, that quality is always the best basis for customer satisfaction, that efficiency makes the world a better place, that together we go further, and that transparency is the best way to understand each other

Our commitments

Green BIM

Respect for the environment, sustainable construction and reduction of production costs, as well as the appropriate choice of materials are among the priorities of our approach.

Our commitments

Politique CSR (corporate social responsability)

Our BIMEX center works with schools, offering cutting edge technology to young people to help them develop and improve their skills for the future.

Our commitments

Sustainable growth

To ensure this sustainability, several principles have always guided the managers of the company:

  • Rigorous management of risks, capital, and liquidity
  • Profits always reinvested internally
  • An effective staff training policy, a guarantee of their expertise
  • A permanent technological awareness, systematically obtaining information regarding the most recent techniques and their commercial availability.
  • A desire to forge lasting relationships with the customers.

In a complex and competitive environment, characteristic of our time, TASE’s main concern is to ensure its long-term development, to ensure its sustainability.