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An experimentation center dedicated to BIM

Located in Brussels since 2018, the BIM experience center aims to make the BIM methodology visible and understandable, for all current and future players in the construction sector.

The interplay of multiple technologies, both hardware and software, is essential to ensure efficient BIM processes.
As these technologies are constantly evolving, this BIM experience center, abbreviated BIM-EX, allows you to experiment with different facets or new features of BIM in order to consider their inclusion in a workflow.

A place where knowledge and learning meet

The center can be used as a BIM discovery space for professionals in the construction sector, as a test center for developers of new technologies, as a training center in BIM technologies and methodology or finally, as a technical and commercial workspace. for professionals.

In addition, BIMEX is now a benchmark building visited by schools, regularly used by many specialist companies.

To organize an event or present a project to its clients

With a capacity of 70 people and a multi-purpose courtyard, the BIMEX is an ideal place in Brussels to organize your events, or even present your projects to your clients, investors, or other professional partners.

Services and equipment included:

BIMEX also makes several visualization capabilities available to you:

  • The 3D projection room with operator
  • Virtual visit station with immersive VR headset
  • The interactive screen
  • AS3D screen without glasses

When you wish to use the BIMEX premises for a project presentation, our teams provide you with assistance in preparing the project presentation, on the basis of a digital model provided or developed.

BIM coordination meeting

A technological room with supervision can be rented for a meeting of BIM coordinators.

They thus have at their disposal the technical and human resources to develop their BIM collaboration method on a project.

PROJECT coordination meeting

BIMEX offers a technical environment conducive to a meeting of multi-disciplinary project managers.

They thus have at their disposal the technical and human resources to resolve designs or coordination problems quickly and collectively.


For the simulation of a digital construction site, we offer a room equipped with all the necessary equipment for this kind of exercise.

BIM modelers from different companies participating in the project can move the digital project forward quickly, thanks to the support and expertise of the TASE teams.